Driving innovation with the TRIZ method

Are you looking for new ways to drive innovation within your team or company? Look no further than the TRIZ method! This approach, combined with Liberating Structures, provides a structured framework to unleash your creative spirit. But also generate innovative ideas, breaking down the barriers of conventional thinking.

What is a TRIZ?

TRIZ, which means «Inventive Problem Solving Theory» in Russian, was developed in the 1940s by Russian engineer Genrich Altshuller. This method is based on the principle that innovation comes from systematic and creative problem solving. Rather than focusing solely on generating new ideas, TRIZ offers a more holistic approach. By identifying obstacles and constraints that limit innovation, and then developing solutions to overcome them.

How does TRIZ work?

  • Identifying the worst results imaginable: The first step in TRIZ is to imagine the worst possible results in relation to your goals. For example, in online training, what would be the most catastrophic scenarios that could occur?
  • Counter-productive actions analysis: Once the worst outcomes are identified, the team examines existing actions or processes that contribute to these undesirable outcomes. It is about challenging current practices and finding ways to improve or replace them.
  • Development of innovative solutions: Finally, this method encourages the team to generate innovative ideas to overcome the identified obstacles. This may involve adopting new technologies, modifying existing processes or even completely reinventing the approach.

Glowbl: an ideal partner for the TRIZ method

On our Glowbl platform, the TRIZ method takes on a new dimension. By using Glowbl’s interactive features, teams can organize TRIZ sessions in real time. This allows a smooth and efficient collaboration, even remotely. Participants can work together on virtual whiteboards, share ideas via chats and videoconferences, and instantly view the results of their collaborative efforts.

With Glowbl, teams can take full advantage of TRIZ principles to unleash their creativity and overcome barriers to innovation wherever they are. Whether solving specific problems, generating new ideas or rethinking existing processes, TRIZ on Glowbl offers a flexible and dynamic framework to unleash the creative potential of your team.

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Tips for a successful TRIZ session:

To get the most out of a TRIZ session on Glowbl, here are some practical tips:

  • Be open-minded: Encourage creativity by allowing everyone to contribute freely and without fear of judgment.
  • Allow time for individual reflection: Before each step of the TRIZ process, give each participant the opportunity to reflect individually on potential problems and solutions.
  • Work in small groups: Small teams allow for active participation of all members and encourage a deeper exchange of ideas.
  • Stay problem-oriented: Ensure that the ideas generated are aimed at overcoming identified barriers rather than simply creating new complications.
  • Pay attention to everyone’s reactions: Keep an eye on participants’ reactions and encourage an open dialogue to resolve any disagreements or misunderstandings.
  • Include everyone in decisions: Make sure every team member feels heard and involved in the decision-making process.

In conclusion, the TRIZ method on Glowbl offers a powerful framework to unleash your creativity and overcome obstacles to innovation. By taking a systematic and collaborative approach, you can turn challenges into opportunities and unlock the full potential of your team or organization. 

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