Glowbl Platform Update Announcement Version 4.6.0

We are excited to present you with a significant step forward in updating the Glowbl Version 4.6.0 platform. Arriving at the beginning of this year. This update represents an important step towards improving our platform. It aims to provide our users with an even more immersive, collaborative and efficient experience. Equipped with new innovative features and a redesigned interface. This version brings more comfort in the experience to the animators. How teams come together and interact online. Explore the new possibilities of Glowbl. And learn how this update can transform your virtual meetings and optimize your time.

Main Improvements of Version 4.6.0 

Manage and clean “Space Contents” 

The “Open Subgroup Content” popin has been renamed to “Space Content”. And is now permanently accessible, both in plenary and in subgroups. This feature makes it easier for facilitators and participants to manage and clean up space content. And this new feature will save you time and simplify your data management and visualization.

This popin allows you to clean your space faster.  When you want to find a space without content on the tables. 

Collaborative notes are now downloadable directly from this popin. To recover group productions faster without moving from table to table.

This popin accessible in subgroup mode also allows you to perform your work of subgroup in central table if you do not necessarily want to activate the plenary mode for your phases of work restitution. It is simple you just have to project in central table a content from a subgroup table.

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Modernization of the Popin Invitation Interface 

In this 4.6.0 update, the invitation feature has been redesigned to provide greater understanding and control. Now, users can choose to enable or disable public access to their spaces. In addition, they have the option to limit access to a specific list of people. Allowing a more controlled management of the rights of people who can enter the space.

Renaming a Participant’s Projection Option 

The option to project a participant has been renamed to offer a better understanding of its functionality. Now, when users hover over this button, they are informed that the projection will be visible to all participants, thus reinforcing clarity and awareness of the action.

This major update demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing our users with a virtual meeting platform that is at the forefront of innovation and performance. We look forward to seeing you discover and leverage these new features to further enhance your online meetings with Glowbl.

Also discover other features and update

Increased the Limit of Personal Collaborative Note Templates

The number of personal collaborative note templates has been increased from 25 to 50, providing more customization options for users.

Extension of the Number of Responses for Surveys 

The limit on the number of responses for surveys has been extended to include up to 12 possible responses, providing greater variety and accuracy in the questionnaires.

Setting the Timer from Scroll to Second 

The update also includes the ability to set the roll-out timer with up to a second accuracy, providing more detailed and personalized activity planning.

Display of the original table and the creation date of the content in the table contents list

When you retrieve subgroup content from the plenary table, information specifies the name of the table on which the subgroup content was created and at what time. This is to perfectly control the contents open on each table.

Updating Collaborative Notes Templates

It is now possible to update existing templates for collaborative notes. This evolution allows users to modify and improve templates already created, providing greater flexibility in content management.

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