Because for each solution, Humans come first, second and third


What if we took into account human nature and needs?

Imagine a virtual world where humans never feel lost. A virtual world where they instantly find their bearings. Exactly as in the real world. A virtual world that doesn’t try to change them, but instead adapts to their needs.

   Feeling safe 

Getting your bearings easily in a familiar environment Open/close the content

  • One-click access to the room
  • No download needed
  • Each participant chooses their spot in a personalised environment with desks and bookshelves

Being protected from theft or intrusion Open/close the content

  • Protection from  external intrusion
  • Data protected from hacking

Need for privacy Open/close the content

  • Glowbl is a SaaS solution, made in Europe and GDPR compliant

   Being able to act freely

Touching, handling Open/close the content

  • Content can be accessed by all
  • Participants work together in sync on all kinds of content, including job-specific tools thanks to specially developed APIs

Seeing Open/close the content

  • Each participant is a distinct bubble
  • They are always in view, whether or not their camera is online

Moving around Open/close the content

  • Bubbles can be moved around freely
  • Bubbles can be put together, separated, and sub-groups can be created

Belonging to a group

Being familiar with the group’s dynamic Open/close the content

  • Everyone can see the whole class
  • If a participant temporarily leaves, their bubble is greyed out

Moving forward as a group Open/close the content

  • Smaller work groups and discussions can be created by simply sliding the bubble

Taking positions  Open/close the content

  • Participants can raise their hand, point at items, and take notes collaboratively

  Personal growth

Forging relationships Open/close the content

  • Each bubble acts like a business card, allowing participants to introduce themselves

Having fun Open/close the content

  • The interface is convivial and user-friendly
  • Seeing all of the participants and their reactions in real time recreates the feeling of togetherness

Learning lessons Open/close the content

  • The attention indicator enables the trainer to evaluate their own performance and measure the impact on their audience in real time

A unique, secure and safe solution

  • Patented solution


    Glowbl is one of the most inovative French company with 7 patents

  • Made in France and Europe


    We have the support of EdTech France, EdTech Lyon, Digital League and we take action within the FrenchTech movement

  • Security is our priority


    Communications are encrypted, datacenters are based in Europe and we comply with GDPR






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