Optimization of distance learning: The testimony of Adecco Les 2 Rives

How to meet the needs of a cohort of learners with varied and geographically dispersed profiles, while offering a pedagogy that is both unique and differentiated? This is the challenge that Adecco les 2 Rives have successfully met. As part of their Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) program, the training organization has implemented an innovative system.

Recently, during an online masterclass organized on Glowbl, Marie Abou Jaoudé, digital educational engineer at Adecco in charge of this course, shared her testimony on their use of the Glowbl platform.

The challenge:

Let’s set the scene. Accompanying a diverse and geographically dispersed cohort in their VAE journey is the major challenge of Adecco Les 2 Rives. The objective is to guide each learner in the development of his project, the preparation of his application file and his oral assessment.

To achieve this, the course combines group sessions to transmit common information, and synchronous moments for individual work assisted by consultants and other trainees. Consultants offer personalized coaching by optimizing their time. Spread over several weeks with short sessions, this distal approach overcomes logistical and financial obstacles, while offering a flexible and adapted pedagogy. Simplicity, Saving time, Ease.

The solution: virtual classes on Glowbl

To meet these challenges, Adecco Les 2 Rives has chosen to integrate virtual classes in their Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) course using the Glowbl platform. So why Glowbl?

The benefits of Glowbl:

Friendly universe

Glowbl offers a friendly and playful universe that contrasts with the sometimes too serious atmosphere of other virtual tools. “This friendly aspect really allows you to get out of this feeling of class, of something academic, of cold. So it allows them to be much more engaged and to talk to all types of profiles,” explains Marie from Adecco. The platform remains accessible even outside the sessions, allowing trainees to return to the space to consult the group’s resources and work. This accessibility encourages prolonged participation and sustained engagement of learners.

«It’s like in real life»

One of the most appreciated aspects of Glowbl by Adecco is its ability to reproduce the face-to-face experience. “The ‘real life’ aspect is particularly interesting in terms of ease of use, because our audiences are not necessarily used to technology. Moving with the bubbles, for example, is very close to face-to-face, it is very visual, learners are much less lost. So it allows you to talk to an audience that is more digital,” says Marie. The visual representation of the spaces with tables and participants around them allows to find the reflexes of the face-to-face, making the transition to the virtual more natural and intuitive.

The subgroups

Glowbl also excels in subgroup management, offering flexibility to tailor training to the specific needs of each participant. “In our case with quite heterogeneous virtual classes, it is very useful because it allows you to have activities where you mix profiles, and at the same time you can divide them into subgroups. So it makes it easier to move from one to the other and adapt activities to different profiles,” says Marie from Adecco. This feature allows to customize the support and better meet the expectations of learners, while facilitating the management of larger cohorts than expected.

The functionalities used:

The collaborative note

Among Glowbl’s interactive tools, the collaborative note stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. “We use the collaborative note a lot, it’s super easy to handle, it’s quite effective. The collaborative note is prepared in advance. And then during the session everyone can write their ideas directly on the note. The main thing is that it requires no explanation. So for our audiences who are less comfortable with computers, it’s very practical and fun,” explains Marie. This feature allows learners to actively participate without worrying about technical complications, promoting smooth and productive collaborative work. In addition, the integration of whiteboards and other interactive tools on each table makes the learning experience even more immersive and engaging.

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The process: the virtual assistant

Glowbl also offers a virtual assistant: the procedure, which greatly facilitates the work of trainers. “Since we have several trainers per room, who animate several themes. At very high frequencies, the objective is to facilitate their work to the maximum. And also to harmonize in fact the animations between the different trainers. So the process, the virtual assistant, it allows us to make available all the elements they need. And they just have to move forward, without having to change the settings themselves. It’s easy, it saves time,” explains Marie. This functionality allows continuity and consistency in training sessions, even when different trainers are involved in the same topics. By automating certain administrative and logistical tasks, Glowbl allows trainers to focus on the essentials: teaching and interaction with learners.

Concrete results:

Since October 2023, 400 candidates have followed this innovative training path, achieving a 78% completion rate, which is very satisfactory. In addition, 100% of learners were satisfied or very satisfied with virtual classes. On the facilitators side, 80% said that Glowbl promotes participant engagement and 90% found that the platform improves sub-group work.

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