Blended learning avantages

The benefits of blended learning

In a company, training often is a sensitive topic: finding the right trainers, arranging the office hours for training courses, having the employees motivated and interested… Besides, in-person sessions, done with a “classroom” format, are not dynamic enough and refrain the employees from adopting an active role during training. However, 100% online training sessions only allow very little human interaction, through inadequate solutions. Therefore, blended learning (=mixed trainingship) is the perfect combination between both concepts, as it guarantees a fastest and more effective development of new skills. Here are its main benefits.

Blended learning: a flexible training

Blended learning offers matchless flexibility to companies. Every combination is possible: 50/50 online and in-person, having the most challenging topics dealt with in-person while the easiest are reviewed digitally, or simply facilitating interactive workshops during office hours. With that online module, the moment when the employees attend a training session adjusts itself and evolves according to the needs. 

A training mode that fits every type of learning

The mixed training model allows a diverse range of pedagogical content. Training can also be enriched with several types of data: videos, digital and audio books, recordings… Moreover, all those contents can be used endlessly. Blended learning helps answer the needs of every type of learning through a very wide range of content.

A customised training

Blended learning allows all trainers to customise their content according to the function or interest of the learners. The discussion topics can be accessible online and the sharing of documents and feedback enable the focus on some topics. 

Thanks to reporting tools, the trainer can observe the evolution and progression of the trainees, in order to deepen the discussed topics if necessary. The documentary resources shared online can also be perpetually updated. So long the in-person training after which we could no longer ask questions!

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The trainees are involved

Blended learning adds dynamism to every training session. The trainees feel involved: they follow the course through the web whenever they want, once or over several sessions. They become actors of their learning sessions. Nevertheless, the feeling of loneliness does not grow: the in person training days allow to preserve human contact by exchanging, debating and discussing with their colleagues and trainer. 

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Less restrictions and more savings

Partly organizing a training course remotely enables to avoid logistical restrictions (arranging office hours, booking a specific room). On the first hand, the employees decide their work rate with the online units: it generates less stress and makes a very flexible organisation possible.  
On the other hand, in-person training hours are more expensive than online sessions. Blended learning thus allows to arrange budget differently, by giving priority to specific topics, or even by adding items that were not financially conceivable for training in real life.

A backup to in-person training

Mixed learning thus demonstrates how in-person training remains advantageous, despite the increased use of digital learning. Virtual classes backup, complete and assist real-life training courses, which allow to maintain human bonds and offer the trainer’s support to the employees. These are major settings in the learning process.
By mixing the benefits of in-person and remote learning, but also of synchronous and asynchronous, blended learning helps solve issues raised by the digital learning on it’s own, such as the trainees’ loss of concentration and motivation due to remote mode.

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