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Why choosing Glowbl for your online training rooms?

More human interactions for more engagement

You are a company?

Every company, no matter the size is, needs to train employees online occasionally or on a continual basis to develop their skills or be aware of HR processes… You can even brief clients or external partners on products.

You are a school, a university?


In the framework of school lessons or thematic interventions, digitalize your lessons, workshops, lectures, MOOCs and SPOCs and allow your students and teachers to reproduce real life’s pedagogic methods online.

You are a training agency, a coach ?

Easily hold innovative and varied remote trainings while keeping all interactions close to reality. It is a chance to extend your range of offers and enjoy new business opportunities!

Our features for training and education

Choose a solution that suits your educational method

Our plans to create your virtual classrooms

There can be 1, 10 or 10,000 instructors, we always adapt to you

Unlimited subscription with no commitment
€19.90 / month


  • Creation of unlimited persistent private rooms in a click
  • Better for up to 100 participants
  • Customized design and URLs
  • No time limit, unlimited use cases and contents
  • Free access for all learners

____________     Or     ____________

For spontaneous small classes
100% Free
  • Free creation of the room
  • Set it up online by yourself

Create a room

  • Creation of one peristent public room
  • Better for up to 100 participants
  • Customized design and URL
  • No time limit, unlimited use cases and contents
  • Free access for all learners
 + Features
  • Defining specific rights and permissions for users
  • Public video conferencing for teachers or in groups for students
  • Public and private chat
  • Sharing contents (documents, screens, videos…)
  • Virtual identity card and integration with social networks
  • Internal and external invitations

Teaching and learning tools

Have your pedagogical content ready in advance,
Create subgroups,
Allow learners to speak in a click…

Easy integration is possible

Integrating Glowbl with your tools: SSO, CRM, corporate address book, business software,
web services, corporate social networks…

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