Use case

Anchor learning and facilitate collective intelligence by using collaborative learning

Create your own customizable and persistent space, like in a face to face training. Benefits from the outcomes offered by the interface to animate, co-create and collaborate on smart tables. You can engage participants by using the mobility of each one in the space, and the collaborative and animation tools.The facilitator uses Glowbl pedagogical templates to create innovative and engaging scenarios: gamified onboarding session, peer learning…and can use it infinitely, this allow to save time and energy in an all in one environment.


Setting up a classroom

Customising the space

Create a new space with the template called “Virtual class” and name it. Customise your space with your company’s or training’s name in order to recreate a familiar environment. Add your logo, change the background and add a description to your space to inform your participants about its purpose.


Preparing the main table

You can use the central table as a plenary meeting point where one may give vertical speeches. On this table, you can also drop the presentation support or other types of content that your speech can rely on. You can use it as a reporting table too, where at the end of your session you can gather your participants to restitute on the workshops or exercises completed in the sub-tables.


Preparing the sub-tables

Use sub-tables to create individual or group project times. Depending on the pedagogical model you’ve set, various options are available:

  • A table is an individual desk on which each participant can progress at their own pace or work on different topics. The facilitator can then go from one table to another to make sure everything is going well.
  • Each table is a different step of a defined pedagogical track, and the whole group of students moves from one step to another at the same time.
  • Some tables are set as workshops and others are used as content libraries. On those, you can drop documents, videos, Google files etc… The participants will move from one table to the next one to complete different exercises.




To work individually or as a group, the trainees can create collaborative notes, whiteboards, Miro or boards or even Googe files. They can also upload them to their table before uploading them to the main table so they can report on their done job.

NB: Save time during your session by customising your table beforehand: name your workshop by editing the table’s title or list your participants in the table’s description. The participants will locate themselves in the space faster.


Managing the levels of rights

In order to ensure the good execution of the virtual class, the facilitator can manage different levels of rights and roles for the participants. For example, to make sure the facilitator won’t be interrupted during the class, or to block the handling of the content, the facilitator can restrict the rights to “Enable raise hand to ask for sharing video and audio” or “Allow participants to only share their video and audio”. However, the facilitator can enable the highest rights lebel on all tables so the students can work and collaborate independently.
To limit the “whisperings”, the facilitator also has the possibility to enable/disable the live and private chats.

NB: The rights level can be applied individually on each table or on every table of the space. The facilitator can also manage them in real time, according to their needs.

Facilitating activities


Thanks to Glowbl’s usability and tools, the facilitators can offer various ice-breakings and pedagogical games (photolanguage, blindtests, riddles, World Café etc…). By combining a displayed content on the table or a customized background with the bubbles’ movements, the facilitator can organize “moving” polls.

” We have been using Glowbl for 2 years now, for our middle management program ( 2000 people in 2021) and for our onboarding program (1500 people). What we like about Glowbl is the immersive universe with all the tables in a unique space. The mobility experience is way more attractive than with Teams or Zoom. To this date it’s the closest experience to real life. The tools natively integrated in Glowbl allow to create a unified experience between participants, promote interaction and gamified onboarding sessions. ”


Bertrand Cauwet

Head of Design & Build - Learning & Development Center France