Project spaces


Adopt a group-work approach.

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Recreate the energy and the emotions of sharing, let your teams get together in a spontaneous way


Offering a work experience and fostering team cohesion at home are managers’ greatest challenges

real-life interactions

Like in the office, teams get together to bond and work better together

One place, one project

Members can come in at any time in a click:

You can fing again the content that was shared. Data exchanges are encrypted and data is stocked in Europe.

By entering the open space, you see immediately who’s there and all the tables. Your collegues are represented by bubbles with their avatar.

You can easily move from one table to another. To talk to your team mates, drag and drop your bubble to the table where they are seated.




Innovating, co-creating, having ideas

On each table, participants can share contents and interact.

Any kind of content can be projected: PDF presentation, YouTube video, screens… Google Drive files (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides) are shareable on the tables and other external tools such as Trello, Miro and can become collaborative with Glowbl

We can open a collaborative note to write together. If you need to launch a survey, you can use the polling tool and discuss results together.

Manage and stimulate group dynamics

Seated around tables, employees work alone or as a team. They just need to open their microphone to talk and move to call out to somebody.

Interactions are spontaneous and prevent from being overwhelmed with emails and planification.

Working goes smoothly, wherever collaborators are.

a secure solution

Choosing Glowbl with confidence

  • Nothing to set up

    No software, no plugin: Glowbl is accessible in the browser

  • Made in Europe

    The Glowbl solution is being developed in France

  • Security

    Glowbl is GDPR compliant. Exchanges are encrypted and datacenters are based in Europe


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